Puppet Guardian and Magical Rooms will close on April 15

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April 15 10pm Pacific Standard Time (6am Greenwich Mean Time).

Thanks for playing and happy trails!


The Magic Items Series #2 – The Resistance of Necklaces.

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Hello, this is Lilli.

The second part of the Magic Items Series will cover the ‘Resistance’ (from damage) worn bonus, the items are usually necklaces. Mostly either made from gems and gold or found in treasure chests. The exceptions are silver card items like the Freja and Earth, Helmet and Armor.

There are six variations of this bonus:






NatureResistance (EarthResistance)

In the old days (very, very old) some of us envied how some monsters could receive less damage from our elemental attacks, however we can reduce them as well, and in any combinations we are able to equip together in our three Magic slots.


Resistance (Damage)

‘Resistance’ to an element gives the wearer a modification in how damage is calculated to be received in damage. As hinted before, the resistances given can stack from multiple items.

The default damage resistance without any protection we have is 1 – the multiplier, we can also say that the attack does 100% of the damage (which is exactly the same as saying that we have 0% resistance), as multiplying the damage by one will give us the damage itself.


Things to note: Rules of Damage to Puppets.

1 and higher. When you receive damage, both physical or magical, you see it in red numbers. You will also be pushed back from the shock. If you are under the ‘Fear’ abnormal state, you will also fall down, unable to strike back or run. ‘Paralysis’ will stun you completely, not doing any of the two mentioned before. The push back rule has an exception when you have a ‘Protector’ item, which will be covered in another part of these series.

0. When the damage you are receiving is zero, you won’t be affected by it at all and no number will show. You won’t be pushed back under normal conditions.

-1 and lower. When you get less than 0 damage, you will get healed and won’t be pushed back by the blow. Healing appears in blue numbers. For healing from magic, you will usually need at least one highest-grade necklace combined with a lower one, and both protecting from the same elements. In other words, you will need at least more than 100% resistance bonus in total.


How it works and how is Damage treated if the calculated result is a decimal?

Let’s calculate a simple case using a Tourmaline Necklace made from 2 Gold and one Tourmaline.

Thunder Resistance 25%

For this example, we’ll take the Electric Eel from Dice Game Stage 15.

The Electric Eel has two elemental attacks, one does two shocks in forward, and the second does the same with four shocks. Both do 100% Thunder-based damage so they are fully elemental. These two attacks are very lethal to anyone without resistance; Luckily they’re consecutive hits of low damage. Why is that lucky?

This is the strategical weakness of consecutive magical attacks:

Let’s count our modified resistance to Thunder first, take the defaut 100% damage we get and decrease it by the necklace’s 25% resistance.

100 – 25 = 75% of damage taken

Now take the 75% and place a 0. before it(divide by a hundred).

75% of damage taken changes to: 0.75

Now take the damage of the attack, which is 1, and multiply it by the resistance.

1 x 0.75 = 0.75

If it’s lower than the next higher non-decimal, we don’t round it up, even if the calculated damage was 0.99, it would round down to 0. This only applies to monsters attacking puppets, as puppets a always get damaged in very low numbers, it works differently from players attacking monsters. In Magical Rooms, damage is high for both sides, and there isn’t a rule like this.

0.75 calculated damage goes to 0. Just cut the .75 off!; 1.9 would round down to 1, same as 2.1 would round down to 2, and so on.

So, even a plain Tourmaline Necklace with 25% resistance is enough to make you immune to the Electric Eel’s consecutive damage of 1. It won’t protect you from the paralysis abnomal state though. Uh-oh.

Similarly, if you used the necklace to face a 2 damage 100% Thunder attack, it would decrease it by one. (25% decrease from 2 is 1.5, rounded down to 1).


Types of Attack Portions

Certain monsters have certain attacks, some may be purely physical,  some may be fully magical and sometimes there are attacks that have portion of both physical and elemental.

The latter form is easy to figure out. Some attacks will have physical actions in them, but will still have some magic infused in them, for example:

The boss of the Third Level of Cave of Trials: Garm.

Did you know that his lethal 3 + 3 + 3 biting attack which totals in horribly high 9 damage is not fully physical?

That’s right. His biting attack is partially infused with the Dark attribute. Which means that if you get a fairly high Dark Resistance, you will receive less damage. Additionally, with 200% resistance, you should be entirely immune to it. With even more than 200%, you would get healed by his biting. Please note that the Poison abnormal state helps to halve all physical damage.

It is a bit tricky to be sure about Garm’s true portions of the damage, so instead:


Queen of Slumber, the boss of the Garden of Slumber – Stage 14.

One of her attacks is a simple staff hit that does 2 points of damage normally.

However, this attack is not fully physical, it is 50% Dark, 50% Physical, or….

1 Physical + 1 Dark = 2 Total Damage

If you resist the Dark part of the damage, you will still get damaged by the remaining physical part:

1 Physical + 0 Dark = 1 Total Damage

OR using it with poison:

0.5 Physical + 0 Dark = 0 Total Damage

And if you add more than 100% Dark resistance, you will eliminate the physical damage, because the magic resistance begins to absorb the damage for the user, so the physical part of the damage gets lowered to 0 by the negative magical.

1 Physical – 1  Dark = 0 Total Damage

If you do the same while poisoning the queen:

0.5 Physical – 1 Dark = -0.5 Total Damage

Which will round down to -1, healing you.


Necklaces and their mechanics aren’t very difficult to understand. They usually deal with very low numbers in Puppet Guardian, and don’t involve much trouble with decimal numbers in Magical Rooms.

See you on the next part!

With regards, Lilli.




The Magic Items Series #1 – The Longevity of Dragons.

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Hello, this is Lilli.

The first part of the Magic Items Series will cover the ‘Increase Stamina’ worn bonus, the items are neck amulets made and upgraded from dragon items, in most cases.

In the old days, some of us envied the high amounts of health that the White Dragon, Burisarigon had.  There are more scary bosses today, but that isn’t the topic of these series.

Increase Stamina

‘Increase Stamina’  is a type of bonus that gives the wearer additional maximum Life Points. The increased amount goes up with higher grade, precious items. The main way to get a share of dragon’s power are, as said above; Making accessories for neck from dragon items.

22 Life Points, 12 points are added from 3 'Dragon Relics'.

22 Life Points, 12 points are added from 3 ‘Dragon Relics’.

It starts here:

+1; +100HP  Dragon Amulet

The very first, standard Dragon Amulet.

Dragon Amulet used to be the only way to increase Life Points aside from the four dragon rings from the scratch card series until upgrades were added. This is the first step to making a higher grade item; To make this you will need 25 Dragon Fangs and 1 Dragon Bone. As seen above, it adds 1 Life Point in Puppet Guardian; 100 HP in Magical Rooms.

Dragon Fangs can be obtained rather well from Magical Rooms from most types of dragons, though you can also get them from the White Dragon and a lot of them from the Dice Game Stage 19.

Dragon Bones can be obtained from most dragons as well, same as with dragon fangs. However, the two foes worth mentioning are the Towering Red Dragon and Tiamat.


+1; +100HP Dragon Talisman

Dragon’s Talisman. An alternate to the amulet.

This one is quite interesting. You can’t make it, but it will cost you one Small Medal to buy from the Fight Guild. One Small Medal is earned for each victorious fight of any of your squires. This is the item that ‘curses’ the advanced dragon items, and you’ll see why:  It is unsellable. This item is almost only exclusive to Magical Rooms.

It is the material for the advanced item as well.


+2; +200HP Dragon Artifact

Grants wearer superhuman strength.

This is the first higher grade dragon Magic Item, Dragon Artifact.

It cannot be sold, because it requires the Dragon Talisman to make!

To make it, you will need the main material: A Dragon Tear.


Together with the basic Dragon Amulet and the prize for a Small Medal: Dragon Talisman.

Dragon Tears can be a bit trickier to obtain, but don’t give up. Their price dropped because of one notorious dragon slayer (I won’t tell who). You can pick them up in three main ways:

*Towering Black Dragon, the boss of Dice Game Stage 19, has these tears as a rare drop. (Upcoming)

*Lv.10000 Tiamat from Lost Mythos or Lv.10000 room.

*Towering Red Dragon from Lost Mythos or the Cave of Demise.


+4; +400HP Dragon Relic

Comes with a fancy emblem!

It adds 4 Life Points!? This is getting quite effective! Of course, it cannot be sold as well.

The Dragon Relic jumps from 2 additional life to 4, making it a rather great difference, however getting this item is also quite difficult. It was mentioned in an older post about lobbies. To make the Dragon Relic you need to combine a Dragon Artifact with a Dragon King Horn. 

Oops. It’s actually the opposite, the Dragon King Horn is the main material.

Dragon King Horn is only obtainable from the Lv.35000 Towering Red Dragon from Lost Mythos or the Cave of Demise. Thankfully the horns can be sold, so that is also an option.


+6; +600HP  Dragon Soul

Now this is legendary!

What is this!? 6 additional Life Points?

As one could think the Dragon Relic was ultimate, it seems it was far from that. This item brings us 6 extra Life Points if we manage to get the precious item to further strengthen the dragon power that resides inside.

But how do we get our hands on such a precious item? It is quite difficult indeed.

That one item is called the ‘Veteran Horn

Just as you would think that the Dragon Relic was ultimate, so you would think about the Towering Red Dragon… Unless… wait….?



There is an even stronger dragon! Meet the Lv.38000 Towering Red Dragon Veteran!

This huge winged beast is the highest level monster in Magical Rooms so far, with Lv.35000 Towering Red Dragon being second to it and Lv.10000 Tiamat being the third.

You can only find this dragon in Lost Mythos. And not until floor 38000, it is, therefore, a very difficult journey to get the Veteran Horn from it, that one item that makes the Dragon Soul when you combine it with the Dragon Relic. Surely an item worthy of the word ‘Legendary’!


Here is a picture of the whole process:



Other items that add Life Points are Dragon Sword(+2) and Hydra Dragon Sword(+4), these items are however difficult to get, as the Dragon Liqueur required to make them is very limited.

More info here: http://mirrorrealmsgames.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Liqueur


I hope this helped with all questions about the life inceasing items. See you on another part of the Magic Items Series!

With regards, Lilli.


Introducing: Series – Magic Items!

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Hello, this is Lilli.

Starting on this week’s Saturday, I’ll be posting series of posts explaining about individual types of  ‘Magic Items’ but not just limited to them; What will be explained is their effects, along with how they work – their mechanics; And if there is something to calculate, it will be explained in an understandable manner.

List of  main topics these eight volume series will cover:

1 – Life Increase – Dragon Amulet – Dragon Relic, …, Dragon Sword.

2 – Resistance(to Damage) – Necklaces, Coat of Arms and such.

3 – Resistance(to Abnormal States) – Rings, …

4 – Element Attributes and Weapon Theory – Bracelets, Gauntlets, Elemental Weapons and the like.

5 – Amplification and more Weapon Theory – Armlets, Mahogany Spear.

6 – Protection and Power Up – Buckles, Angel Wings.

7 – Critical Hits – Bangles, Charybdis Sword, Chosen Warrior Weapons, …

8 – ???

See you on the posts, hopefully they will help you enrich your strategies!

With regards, Lilli.


Tiamat, the “Chaos Dragon”

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Hello, this is Lilli.

Ever heard of the five-headed dragon-serpent monster from the picture above?

It’s a monster that was silently added to Magical Rooms several months ago. Called ‘Tiamat’. Being an amazing level 10000 monster with many attacks of five elements, this monster makes a quite unique appearance.

Tiamat is a chimeric dragon monster that uses Light, Dark, Fire, Water and Earth. Not including Thunder. Being a chimera with the presence of its rare Tourmaline drop (Yes, Tourmaline).

Various chimeras.It seems that Thunder is the magical element of unnatural "synthesis" of living creatures.

Various chimeras from Avalon. Notice their color is yellow. It seems that Thunder is the magical element of unnatural “synthesis” of living creatures. Making them able to use several elements at once, or being overwhelmingly strong in general.

That perhaps explains the Tourmaline.

Where is Tiamat?

Traditionally, finding powerful monsters in Magical Rooms is not easy. The same goes for Tiamat. However, to answer our question; there are two ways to encounter this foe:

  • Get Magical Rooms membership and travel to floor 10000 or higher in the Lost Mythos.

Since Lost Mythos spawns don’t depend on the total level of the visitors, but how deep you travel – the total level of the spawn is is equal to the floor number you are in; You can find Tiamat eventually after a long time of explorations.

This may sound crazy, but indeed, by travelling very deep in the Lost Mythos, you can find extremely strong monsters, even several high level monsters; for example, it might be possible to get 10 Asterios enemies on rooms 10000 and below. Asterios is a Lv.1000 enemy from the Labyrinth lobby.

You can also get there instantly if you use an orb; But more about that will be said in another post.

  • Gather a lot of players; enough to make at least level 10000 in total with players and squires.

Tiamat is also possible to find in player rooms. If a lot of high level players team up, they can enable for a Tiamat to attack the room. There are two new items dropped, and various cool items to synthesize from them!

This  is quite difficult, but still an option that’s worth trying out. Tiamat might be a bit rare, but if you’re determined to find one with a  a lot of friends, don’t give up easily!

New Items

So what does this dragon bring?

Dropped items

Tiamat Fang and Multi-colored Scale.

Tiamat Fang and Multi-colored Scale.

It also has Dragon Bones, Dragon Tears and a rare drop: Tourmaline.

So, what can you make with the Tiamat Fangs and Multi-colored Scales?

Fearsome items!

Chaos Helmet!

Chaos Helmet!

From left to right: Chaos Armor, Chaos Cape, Chaos Boots, Chaos Gloves.

From left to right: Chaos Armor, Chaos Cape, Chaos Boots, Chaos Gloves. Also available in black, red, blue and green.

Chaos Necklace and Chaos Wristband.

Chaos Necklace and Chaos Wristband.


Then there’s a new weapon: Chaos Hammer!



It is a 9 offense hammer(giga), with 10% Light, Dark, Fire, Water and Earth. Every element other than Thunder is in this hammer’s five tenths of its power! But there’s more. This hammer also has a longer reach than traditonal War Hammer are capable of – one half longer.

With that, the primary items made from the Tiamat’s ingredients are introduced.


Tiamat Fangs are also used as a secondary material to make a Dragonsbane!

Which, as you could guess, deals bonus damage against dragons. (Multiple banes don’t stack)



Remember the primary material for all potential banes is Gold Panja.

Also, you can check the Magical Rooms furniture you can make from Tiamat items here:



I find these tiles pretty neat! They’re available in the five colors of the Tiamat.

Don’t let all of this chaos to overhelm you!

With regards, Lilli.



The most recent lobbies of Magical Rooms.

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Hello, this is Lilli.


I’ll show previews of what awaits you if you unlock the more recent lobbies of Magical Rooms. Howling Peak, Castle Ruins, and finally: Cave of Demise.

The Black Forest will not be shown here, it already has a post here.

The lobbies of Magical Rooms feature some powerful monsters that can be found in Lost Mythos(Vapula and Grimm can be found in players’ rooms too). For sacrificing any item that has the gem points that a lobby requires, you are able to enter freely at will; Anytime. Each of these lobbies generally adds some interesting items to the game. Some lobbies allow you to purchase the lobby’s furniture from the Furniture Guild that appears there.

Howling Peak

Unlocked Howling Peak

Unlocked Howling Peak

Requirement to unlock: 3 Emeralds

The Howling Peak is sealed with three points of earth. To break the number of seals, you will have to sacrifice items with Emerald points until you break all 3 earth seals.

In the Howling Peak, there appear two Centaurs and a Draco Chimera on each assault.

Lv.6000 Draco Chimera

Lv.6000 Draco Chimera

It is a very lethal monster that shouldn’t be underestimated. The most dangerous thing about the Draco Chimera is it’s fire breath attack, which is a very quick frontal attack that can deal about 4000 total damage in the worst case scenario. Furthermore, the Draco Chimera has no magic weakness, and resists five elements to some point. Earth(emerald) magic  and physical damage can hurt it normally.

The interesting thing about the Draco Chimera are it’s collaborative attacks. A back kick that is followed by a snake’s bite that poisons. A wing flap followed by the chimera flying up and crashing down for massive damage. It was quite interestingly designed! Similiar to the Chimera monster of level 500, but much more lethal and also quicker.


The items you can obtain from the Draco Chimera are Dragon Fangs, which are somewhat plentiful from it; Venom Bags; Lion’s Manes; Hard Pieces and Chimera Wings.



Chimera Wing is an item that makes you faster when you use it, just like using Roadrunner Scroll or Book, however it is only for self use. There is more, though:



You can also make a weapon with them!

Chimera Dagger is made with 10 Chimera Wings, 20 Lion’s Manes, 20 Hard Pieces and 10 Dragon Fangs. It is therefore difficult to make, but it gives some reward; it is effective against chimeras!

The ‘Chimera Series’ attribute of this dagger adds bonus percents of damage whenever you use it against a synthetic monster – therefore a monster that is built from several living things.

It increases per each upgrade, being 5%; 10%; 20%; 30%; 40% and 50%, at Paragon.


Castle Ruins

Unlocked Castle Ruins

Unlocked Castle Ruins

Requirement to unlock: 3 Zoisites

The Castle ruins are sealed with three points of darkness. To break the number of seals, you will have to sacrifice items with Zoisite points until you break all 3 dark seals.

In the Castle Ruins, there lurk two Gargoyles and a fierce monster, Vapula.

Lv.5000 Vapula

Lv.5000 Vapula

Vapula is a somewhat normal type monster. Being similiar to Gryphon. It is weak to Light. Instead of a wind assault, he bombards with its feathers. Its feather attack is partially dark, meaning it won’t be completely protected by a necklace, as the damage is divided into magical and physical. All of this monster’s attack can be blocked with a shield, though.


You can get Lion’s Mane and Lion’s Tail items very easily from Vapula. It can also rarely drop a Zoisite Fragment. 

With Vapula, the new item that was added was the Wing of Vapula.

When you use this item, it releases several feather blades that cut through enemies, doing 9 damage about three times with 15% dark attribute. These wings are somewhat nice to use in Puppet Guardian when you can gather many of them, as it can do fair amount of damage per one use. However, you can make some pretty stuff from them, including clothes:


And neat furniture, which can be seen by clicking here.

Then, you can also make the Feather Rain Scroll with one Pulp and 10 Wings of Vapula. The scroll works just like the wing, but much longer, plus; It’s Dark attribute in its hits of 9 is a bit higher.

And 10 of these Scrolls and 3 Zoisites make a Feather Rain Book!

It allows you to bombard your foes with a rain of feathers as long as you have the 3 Zoisite points to use it!


Cave of Demise

Unlocked Cave of Demise

Unlocked Cave of Demise

Requirement to unlock: 16 Rubies

The Cave of Demise is sealed with sixteen points of fire.  To break the number of seals, you will have to sacrifice items with Ruby points until you break all 16 fire seals.

The Furniture Guild NPC appears in this lobby to sell you the furniture from here. Note that there are rocks in this lobby that you can make from Saltpeter.

This is a very advanced lobby. You will be warned that it is intended for higher level players and there is no wonder. Please note that if you are defeated only once in this lobby, you will be sent back to your room. And will need to start a new battle to try again.

This lobby is both very difficult and very rewarding, meaning that items that are usually rare are obtained easily here once you defeat the monster in this place, which is…

Lv.35000 Towering Red Dragon

Lv.35000 Towering Red Dragon

Towering Red Dragon, also known as the Dragon King. A monster that has so much power it’s damage easily reaches 10000 in total. It is a very challenging foe that will demand you to be focused and precise during the battle, not wanting to do any mistake and end up having to start again. Most of this monster’s damage comes with fire attribute, but not absolutely. A lot of it’s treacherous moves also has fire combined with physical damage, which makes it even more difficult to protect against. And finally, it also has a biting attack and a tail swing attack, both are very powerful and also quick.

This monster originally comes from the sixth depth level of Lost Mythos, which begins at floor 35000. It is therefore a truly legendary monster that takes a lot of effort to encounter in it’s enviroment in the Lost Mythos city.


It is truly a challenge, but the heroes who manage to slay this dragon are able to get Dragon Bones; Red Dragon Skulls; Dragon TearsDragon King Horns and a rare drop; Ruby.


Getting the longevity of a Dragon

You can use the Dragon King Horn dropped by the Towering Red Dragon in synthesis with a Dragon Artifact made with Dragon Tears, Dragon Talisman and a Dragon Amulet to make the Dragon Relic!

The Dragon Relic adds 4 Life Points in Puppet Guardian and 400 HP in Magical Rooms when worn!

The Dragon King Horn is also one of the materials for a Dragonsbane, the Dragon equivalent of Wolfsbane; but more about that will be mentioned soon.

Introducing what can be found in the recent lobbies is over.


With regards,



What is Shield Crash?

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Hello, this is Lilli.

In the Bridal Cup and the recent Starlight Cup, you could often see something like this:


This is a new addition called ‘Shield Crash’. During cup fights, squires with shields have a chance to lose their shields at a moment when they block a hit. The Shield Crash only applies to squire competitions, and will not happen anywhere else.

When the Shield Crash happens, the defending squire’s shield is plucked away from the squire and the shield is not possible to reclaim in the match until it ends. However, the shield is in the squire’s hand again in another match.

The chance for the defending squire’s shield to be lost for the rest of the match is determined by three main factors:

  • The chance goes up when the weapon’s Offensive Ability is higher.
  • The chance goes up when the weapon’s Attack Speed is slower.
  • The chance goes up with power charges of Axe, Halberd special attacks and Buckle.


With that, there are also some things to note:

  • Special attack of Rapier has it’s hits’ Attack Speed counted once per hit.
  • Blocking the special attack of Long Bow will not trigger a Shield Crash.
  • Blocking magic will not trigger a Shield Crash as well.


Hopefully this info will help!

With Regards,



Starlight Cup: Shooting Star Medals.

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Hello, this is Lilli.

Following the previous post, I will tell you about the uses of the item you get every time your squire wins one fight in the Starlight Cup. Along with the Chest of Secrets and the Small Medal you get:

Shooting Star Medal



With this item, you can make some nice things for your room with the Cave of Stars theme from Puppet Guardian!



You can make the crystal furniture by combining the Shooting Star Medals Crystals and Obsidian.

The beautiful wallpaper that makes your room as beautiful as the Cave of Stars costs 10 Shooting Star Medals with 50 Obsidian and 50 Crystals, along with one Diamond! It surely looks fantastic, though.


There’s more to the Shooting Star Medals:meteorbrooms

With 5 of the medals, you can make a Meteor Broom which can be upgraded up to Paragon.

The Meteor Broom works just like a Spear type weapon, with Vertigo chance than increases as you upgrade it(Vertigo state makes the one affected by it miss with attacks often). It also makes shiny star sparkles when you use it’s attacks!

That is it for the Shooting Star Medal.

With regards,



Starlight Cup is On!

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Fight Guild Announces the 3rd Shooting Star Cup

The Shooting Star Cup will be held on the 27th of August.
The competition will be held during a sacred period of inter-galactical activity.
All squires with the total physical strength, mental strength, the attack power of 750 or less are eligible to participate.

The Fight Guild is looking for qualified contestants to participate.

Participants will receive “The Chest of Secrets” and a Small Medal to the winner of each bout. A shooting star medal and a Holy Starlight Sword will be awarded to the winner.

On the 22th of August recruiting will start.
Qualifying is scheduled to begin August 26th.
Load up on small medals  in the contest then try the competition gambling feature! If you wish to bet a medal, look in the lower right corner of the Main Draw tournament table  Please, click the Thieves Guild NPC.

Thieves Guild for the gambler in you

When you click the servant of betting window and finals tournament table you can bet on any servant you want, including your own.

Try to get loads of Small Medals so you can bet them on the arena matches!

Arena Finals Venue

As the table for the final eight is determined, the tournament brackets will display on the screen,
You will e able to click on the  “arena finals venue”  button.



Weapon changes from the past months

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Hello, this is Lilli.

In order to keep the international version informed, I am making articles of past updates and explaining how they work.

There were some changes done on two weapons some times. The Long Sword and War Hammer varieties.

Long Sword

Swords were enlarged earlier (The same happened with axes). Their range was affected by this, and was increased by one half (Not for axes).

Since Christmas 2012, Long Sword users can hold Shift + Space to keep their sword guarding up. Once the user blocks a hit with the sword, it can be released at any time to do double damage!

This also works well in Magical Rooms, because you can’t hold shield blocking there. However, the sword special attack takes an extreme amount of MP to keep up!

Still, it can be used cleverly for your benefit in some cases.

There’s more to swords than that. You know those shields that do damage on blocking?

Showing how eleental attacks can be blocked with a sword with the protections provided from the shield..

Showing how elemental attacks can be blocked with a sword with the protections provided from a shield.

Yes, sword’s special attack can block magic. As long as you wield a shield that protects you from the matching elements. For example, the shield on the picture above is able to block Water and Thunder based attacks. So any sword the user decides to use will be able to block those elements as well

War Hammer

The special ground attack of the War Hammer (Shift + Space) was enhanced twice so far. It now breaks trough guarding. The effective area attack well known for it’s devastating  power is now even more practical!

The earlier enhancement was implemented sometime around when the Second Level of the Cave of Trials was released. The special attack was improved to round up damage ..

  • High War Hammer before update: 5 Offensive Ability, 2 special attack damage (2.5)
  • High War Hammer after update: 5 Offense, 3 special attack damage (2.5)

Other changes were done to behavior of squires with various weapons in Magical Rooms, such as the Whip and War Hammer.

With regards, Lilli.